Viburnum content management system requires hosting on a VPS server. Therefore, you can either rent a server elsewhere (it will cost up to USD 65 per year), or stay on our servers (it will cost cheaper - from USD 20 per year).

Our VPS servers are located in Ukraine. As an option, the server can be rented in the USA, the Netherlands or any other country.

Cost of hosting

CMS SSL Space, MB Sum, USD/year
- + 1000 10
+ + 1000 20
+ + 2000 30

The cost of hosting for the first year has already been included in the budget for the website development.

SSL security certificate

A free automatically renewed Lets Encrypt security certificate is added to the website.

Email addresses

Since the main task of a web server is to publish pages, it does not handle mail processing well. Therefore, mail routing is configured through Gmail service (either free or paid). Even the free version of Gmail provides functionality that a web server is simply not capable of.

Website maintenance and optimization

Throughout website's existence, you need to keep track of the recommendations provided by Google Search Console and make necessary changes. We can take on this job to make your life easier.

SEO control/Editing Articles placement Sum, USD/month
+ - 12
+ + 40

Sometimes there is also a need for occasional modification of the pages (add, remove, edit). You tell us what exactly you need us to do and why do it. We provide recommendations and possible options. The cost of occasional editing of the website – starting from USD 3 (calculated individually for each case).

Where to start? Find out on the Contacts page.